Erik Anker
Erik Anker

Eckersbergsgate 53, 0260 Oslo, Norway
Mob: +47 93056786

Norwegian citizen

1955-59: School of Arts and Crafts (SHKS), Oslo
1959-61: University of Architecture, Oslo
1967-2000: Own architect firm (Anker & Hølaas A/S)
During these 33 years a large amount of diverse projects were planned and built.
Numerous competitions were entered and won.
In this period I developed drawing and watercolour techniques for illustrations.
1998: Co-founder of the "Nordic Association of Watercolour Painters"
1989/90/95: Student of watercolour with Professor Arne Isacsson in Sweden
1997/2005: Further art studies with Anders Wallin,
Peter Frie and Lars Strunke
1990-94: Post graduate studies at Gerlesborg School of Art, Sweden
2001: Co-founder of the "Nordic Museum of Watercolour"
1996: Member of the jury for the exhibition "Nordic watercolour", Norway
2001: Chosen by the jury for participation in "Nordic watercolour", Helsinki, Finland

Teacher in watercolour painting at the "Olav Mosebekk School of Art", Oslo and for the art magazine, "Kunst for Alle"

Memeber of the Association of Norwegian Artists.

I have exibited watercolours extensively in different galleries both in Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.

Today, I am permanently involved with the production of both watercolour and other painting techniques.